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Customized Retirement Planning. For Your Business. For Your Future.

Retain Quality Employees, Reduce Your Current Taxes and Invest for a Secure Future.

Empire State Asset Management, LLC will partner with you to design and implement a plan that meets your business’ unique situation and goals. With 29 years of experience in the securities and financial services industry, our knowledgeable advisors “sit on the client’s side of the table.”

Whether the investments are for one, or one hundred, we focus the plan on your business goals and employee demographics. ESAM utilizes a team of third party administrators, group benefits and investment product specialists to provide solid solutions to today’s ever-challenging retirement plan needs.

We have a defined Retirement Plan Design Process for managing plan development, submission, selection of asset managers, third-party administrator, and custodian, through approval and implementation, that leaves you free to focus on your business.

Don’t Get in Trouble with the Department of Labor

Is Your Company in Transition – Buying/Selling/Acquiring?

  • Have you conducted a liability audit of the defined benefit programs?
    • Are the Company 401(k) fund expenses reasonable?  Is the selection of funds appropriate for the needs of the employees?
    • To merge plans or to terminate? – what is best for your business interest?
    • Be aware, even if a plan has been completely terminated, the IRS reserves the right to audit the plan for up to 5 years.

The Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Issue:

  • Under ERISA’s “prudent-person” rule a plan fiduciary that is not qualified to make informed investment decisions must seek expert assistance.
  • Most firms do not have the internal controls in place to ensure operational compliance with plan terms under ERSIA regulations.
  • When you do not have the professional experience, selecting and monitoring the investment funds is not only challenging, it is a potential liability.

ESAM provides the liability audit service to uncover the embedded fees, conflicts of interest, service incapabilities and contract limitations inherent in a retirement plan.

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